Monday, December 10, 2007

New Experience

After our recent traffic accident in which our minivan was totalled we needed to purchase a replacement minivan. We have four children so we need a vehicle that can seat seven. I drove rental vehicle for five weeks and I will admit that I will miss the 2008 Toyota Highlander even though it lacked enough cargo space to grocery shop with our kids with us. It was fun to drive. At the end of five weeks we received our check from the other persons insurance company. For the record esurance (which was the insurance company for the other driver who was at fault) has treated us very well and fairly.

With money in hand we bought a Chrysler Town and Country on ebay. We were able to get it for the price we wanted with the options we were looking for and the mileage range we wanted. My parents and some other people we know who are all over 50 were concerned about buying on ebay. But we have several friends who have purchased vehicles this way and so we were confident. The kicker was that we had to fly to Houston, Texas to pick up the vehicle or we could have had it shipped for about the cost we paid for gas and hotels. But since Rebekah and I had never been to Houston we decided to fly in and enjoy the drive home together with out the kiddos. We enjoyed our time together and saw some places we hadn't seen before.

We drove down to Galveston and walked along the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. We drove through Shreveport Louisiana. We went to the Battlefield National Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi. We ate lunch on Beal St. in Memphis after driving past Graceland. So part of the buying the vehicle was in the experience for us. I think that it stretches us to get out and see and experience things we never have or don't usually experience. (I even ate an onion.)

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