Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who can worship God?

Is it possible for those who are not Christians to worship God? Many “born again” people would simply say no. But is that correct? I would say no. It is possible for any person who has breath to offer worship to our God or to any other idol or god out there in this world. In fact we know from the Bible that eventually every person will bow down and proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord. In the mean time I have been thinking about this since reading a blog post from this dude who has by his own estimate led hundreds of unbelievers in worshipping God.

That’s correct I said unbelievers (or non Christians or unsaved, whatever term makes you feel good). Reading that post brought to mind 2 Kings 17. When the king of Assyria resettled people in Samaria (which was once Israel the northern kingdom) lions began attacking the people so the king sent priests to teach the people how to worship God. The people worshipped God but they also worshipped other gods and practiced child sacrifices and other practices of worship that the God of Israel never envisioned.

They worshiped the LORD, but they also served their own gods in accordance with the customs of the nations from which they had been brought. (2 Kings 17:33) It goes on to tell us that: “Even while these people were worshiping the LORD, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their fathers did.” (2 Kings 17:41) It is easy to say that people who are not followers of Christ are the same kind of worshippers as these settlers of long ago. But really so many who identify themselves as Christians worship the Lord but also serve their idols. They do this in a way that their parents and grandparents taught them.

God is open to receive worship from any sincere heart. But there is a particular kind of worshipper that He is seeking. That is our topic for tomorrow. By then perhaps the fog will lift.

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