Monday, July 28, 2008

Stuff that's happening

I went to the doctor this morning. In six weeks I lost exactly zero pounds. I didn't gain any either. That is despite cutting back on portion sizes, not snacking even half as much, going from 10-12 sodas a week to three or four, drinking more water and exercising much more. So it will be much harder than expected. My metabolism is messed up!

Yesterday Rebekah and I celebrated twelve years of marriage. I am blessed to have her as my wife!

Started my week off today. I will work two hours or so on Wednesday. I am under doctors orders not to work on projects around the house for a few days. I had two steroid injections this morning. One if my forearm and one in my shoulder. It has been frustrating that the pain has continued for nine months. I was going to take three Sundays off from preaching this summer. So far I have taken one, and though I planned to take next Sunday off and we will be on vacation I am preching Sunday night in East Alton. I love preaching so it's harder not to preach than it is to preach. I haven't been able to work out the guest speakers in consecutive weeks that I need.

Rebekah has jury duty today. Hopefully it will be over today, it could last all week which would mean my vacation would be babysitting the kids she watches. Noah will be home from North Dakota tomorrow. I am ready to spend some time with him.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Sometimes as Christians we think that we have to defend the Bible, God and church. We tend to act like lawyers and try to sruge people into the kingdom. This post by Seth Godin got me thinking. The problem with lawyers is that most people think they are telling less than the truth. The lawyer is believed to advocate for his or her client. The lawyer is trying to convince you. People don't like lawyers. Don't try to be a lawyer (unless that is your profession).

Instead I need to genuinely love people and demonstrate that I have their best interests at heart. If that is truly my motivation most people will sense that and be far more likely to hear what the gospel is all about.