Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter Weather

Our church is not a large one although our building is pretty big and quite old being almost a hundred years old. And many of our people are seniors who don't like to get outside when there is a freezing rain advisory. So on a morning like this one we have to weigh the value of having a service by how many people will show up versus how much it costs to heat the building. It can cost as much as $150 just to heat it for three hours or so. I would rather have church no matter what but I live next door so I am trying to practice humility by listening to the opinion of other people. It is hard after working hard on a sermon and trying to promote a sermon series like we are doing this month. It would figure if we had a bunch of people who were planning on visiting today.

I haven't blogged much since our accident in October because even typing this much is hard on my wrist and hand. The chair for the desk is also uncomfortable for me. It doesn't seem to bother Rebekah which is evident since she blogs much more than I do. Stay warm and dry today. I hope to have a great crowd next Sunday.

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