Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year

It's the end of 2007. We are going to spend time with my friend Kurt and his family. Kurt pastors in Canon Falls, Minnesota. We were grooms men in each others wedding. We lived together for a summer in the 'hood on 12th avenue in Minneapolis. Kurt basically kept me alive by feeding me for a couple of weeks until I had a paycheck from a new job. We also almost got kicked out of Bible College together. Lots of good history. We will also meet two new members of his family that he and Kari are in the process of adopting after having them as foster kids. Very happy for them!

We will come home in the morning and go to mom and dad's for the traditional ham and beans on New Year's day. Then home for the Rose Bowl! I know that the conventional wisdom says Illinois has no chance of winning. But they did beat Ohio St. at the Horse Shoe so...

Speaking of no chance, Illinois basketball has dug itself a deep hole. They almost have to win the conference or the conference tourney to make the big dance. I really feel that after losing at home to Tennessee St. and Miami of Ohio they would have to win 12 games in conference to be legitimate at large contenders. I am pretty sure they aren't up to it. I hope I am wrong.

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