Friday, December 21, 2007

Going all the Way

I recently finished reading the book Going all the Way by Craig Groeschel. It is a solid book about preserving intimacy for marriage. Primarily for people who haven't yet gotten marriage Craig does a great job of being biblical and giving practical advice. It would make a great gift for those people in your life who are single from teens on up.

Even though the book didn't really speak to my situation in life it is a valuable resource written in a style that will appeal to many people. This is a very important topic that the church needs to address more than ever before. One of the points Groeschel makes is that other than saying sex belongs in marriage the church in general has done a lousy job teaching about sex. By the way God created sex and orgasms to bond a couple together. Shared pleasure is a strong bond that along with emotional and relational intimacy can help a couple go all the way.

In our culture kids are starting puberty at younger and younger ages. They are also delaying marriage longer into their twenties and sometimes even their thirties. This means that a godly young person must know how to deal with their sexuality in a God honoring way. Some of our kids are going to have to remain celibate for 15 years or more in a society that screams that it isn't normal to wait until marriage. The only message many get as teens and young singles is that sex is dirty or wrong or sinful. This may be one reason we lose so many young people after high school and into the college years.

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