Friday, August 17, 2007

How Far

It came home to me again today that there are people that other Christians don't want to reach. Those Christians will literally say to them, "You can go to hell." Sure they may not use those words but in avoiding them they might as well say it. Their attitude show that either they believe some people are beyond the grace of God or that certain people are worth getting your hands dirty for. This shouldn't surprise me because there were plenty of Pharisees in Jesus day who felt the same way.

Growing up in pastors home I experienced this many times. At one point our church was reaching a growing number of minorities. One precious older saint made it very clear that they weren't welcome in her church. And that's just one example. But if Abundant Life is to be the church that God wants it to be we have to reach the people no one else wants to reach. It is hard at sometimes and inconvenient. There will be slings and arrows and disappointments but in the end we hope to hear well done from one Master. If He approves it will be worth it.

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