Saturday, August 18, 2007

Breakout Church

Tomorrow night we will begin a discussion centered around the principles found in Breakout Churches which is based on Good to Great by Jim Collins. The question we are wrestling with is whether a church in a village of 1300 in a county of about 14, 000 break through the barrier we keep hitting of 50 people. We have come close a few times and then flattened out attendance wise. A good number of people either don't think it can happen or don't want it to happen judging by the events of the last eighteen months.

By it I mean becoming the church God wants Abundant Life to become. A church that is (re)connecting people to God. Our mission field are those who don't feel welcome in church, those who have been wounded by church folks and those who have made life altering mistakes that they feel like nobody can forgive them for. But God loves these people. While it will challenge many of us in our church who have been in a church all of our lives to understand those folks who currently would never think of attending a church let alone becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, nothing is impossible with God.

We could be discouraged but I choose instead to take courage and rely upon the Holy Spirit believing that God wants to do something great and we are about to experience a sovereign move of His Spirit.

Mainly we are trying to train leaders on our Sunday night discussion but we also want to challenge people's perception of what is possible and how it could be done. It should be fun and a stretching time.

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