Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Illinois Budget

It looks like after a record special session more than sixty days after the budget should have been passed a budget might be in place. The problem was that the democrat governor and the democrat legislature couldn't agree on a budget. The governor insists that health care for all uninsured people must be included as well as more money for schools, etc. Which of course means that there will not be enough money to go around. It has taken this long to put a deal in place because of the impasse. Now that the deal has passed without the money for health care the governor is going to move the money around to fund his programs anyway even though it appears they aren't in the budget. Will the senate do anything to stop him? Apparently not. So why did it take this long to get here? Why didn't the senate and house just acquiesce to Blago's demands in the first place?

It would be nice if the Illinois republican party could make hay over this fiasco and provide a real alternative to voters. But given the ineptitude of the last several years beginning with Gov. Ryan's corruption I won't hold my breath. You can read about it here.

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