Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Ten Network

We currently are subscribers to Dish Network. Dish Network does not have an agreement to carry the Big Ten Network. The local cable company does not carry the network. All Big Ten games that are not on ESPN or one of the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, etc.) will be on the Big Ten Network. This is only football season but if I want to see any Illinois football games, and I actually do, then I will have to consider making a change. Direct TV is carrying the Big Ten although it does cost more we are considering switching because I may be able to miss a few football games but come hoops season I will not be a happy person to merely listen to said games on the radio.

The deal I am looking at will cost $15-20 more a month. But if I can come with it I will switch because for that price I will get NFL Season ticket and that would mean I could watch all the Vikings games. I want to see the Juice and the athletes Ron Zook has recruited win some games this year. I am not please with the Big Ten and its greed. But I apparently will follow along like a sheep and pad the pockets of these institutions of higher learning because I am a fanatic about Illinois football and basketball.

As I am looking into this I am also asking myself questions about how much I would be willing to invest in the kingdom of God. Would I go to great lengths to find another $20 a month to give to missions or outreach?

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