Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vick and RR Tracks

There is not a lot going on around here beside the fact that it is going to be almost 100 degrees today. That is way too hot for me to do much outside work. I need to get to some brake work for my dad and some painting and cleaning out the garage etc. But it can wait a few days until it cools. I am hoping tomorrow will be the last 90 degree day of this year.

I was trying to find highlights of the Braves win over the Marlins last night but every time I turned on ESPN there was a clip of Michael Vick or someone talking about him. I couldn't sleep again so I was up until at least 2:00. I tried turning the channel every fifteen minutes or so. I am not exaggerating that every single time I turned on Sports Center, NFL Live or what I thought would be Baseball Tonight they were talking about Michael Vick. Enough already!!!!

We live across the street from the Railroad crossing. Today they tore up a fifty foot section of track in order to replace it. Seth has spent the morning watching the guys working. Very exciting stuff for a two year old.

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