Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I really enjoy Labor Day weekend and I am looking forward to a great weekend. Today Illinois opens up against Mizzou. I wish I could go to St. Louis and watch the game in person but at least the game is on ESPN2 so this one I will get to watch. I am amped up about the Juice and seeing Benn and some of the other athletes. Tomorrow is service in the morning. We are starting a new schedule that includes prayer at 9:30. My brother will be in town I think.

Monday is the Pana Labor day parade. This will be eight years in a row that we will be attending (if the Lord wills, see Sunday morning sermon). The kids love the parade and it is a really long parade. Then we will grill at my grandmas. After lunch it is off to the races! We will go out to the tri-county fair and watch harness racing. We like to try and pick the horses.

Tuesday is the annual Dennis Rogers Memorial Eastern Section golf outing. We play four man best ball and I just hope to be able to contribute one of two shots out of 70. Anyway it is always a good time.

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