Friday, December 15, 2006


At the end of every year I try to listen especially intently to see what God is saying to me about the next year. What I am really feeling is that I am not living in a way that requires Him to move. I am not really doing anything God sized! What I mean is that in all we are doing it would much better if God shows up and moves in a powerful way but if He doesn't we will muddle through some way. And often we do feel the Holy Spirit or see His hand at work. But I have begun to play things safe.

I think most of us tend to do this especially as we get older. After all I have four kids to feed now. But God wants me to live life in a way that allows Him to do much more than I can imagine. This will require a change in our way of living. The key I think to living a God sized life is to do what we know He wants us to do and leave the consequences up to Him. It requires not more faith but mustard seed faith which I know that I already have and so do you.

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