Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Busy Busy

So I have been away from the computer. Saturday was spent finishing preparations for Sunday morning. The kids did a wonderful job in their play. I had my trepidations but I also knew that my kids had worked very hard. I was indeed proud of them. Thanks to Jane for putting together the program. She edited heavily to allow our small group and small budget to pull it off. It was I think the very best that our church could do! That's really all God is looking for I think. Kaitlyn actually had a speaking part and said her lines flawlessy which is a big deal. Noah sang and said his line. Elijah plugged away and remembered most of his lines and sang his part and even though I think he was very nervous did his absolute best. I was very proud of my kids and the other kids that participated impressed me as well. The message went well and we even had some visitors who came to see their children. They got the gospel.

Afterward was our church Christmas party. Our people are very generous to us as a family. And in the midwest tradition they all fixed awesome food. I limited myself to one helping because I am trying to get on board with the doctors instructions to shed some pounds. I wanted more! Anyway I was pleasently surprised by everything Sunday morning. It was a good time.

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