Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Revenge of the Sith

So episode three came out on DVD yesterday. Elijah my oldest has now watched it three times. He loves Star Wars. It is a dark movie though isn't it? It is interesting to watch how quickly Anakin goes over to the dark side and how easily he decieves himself.

George Lucas did a good job tying things together and all in all it was a good movie. I am looking forward to the upcoming release of the Narnia movie. I love those books and the imagery that Lewis uses is awesome. The way he uses Aslan to parallel Christ is tremendous. It speaks to children on a level they can understand and to adults. C.S. Lewis was a gifted man.

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Q.' (SweetiePeetie) said...

Hello...I'm a friend of Rebekah's on the PW board. She asked us to bop in on your blog and say hello. Loved your "Lucky Me" post! You're right...she's beautiful! Blessings to you both. Qene'