Friday, November 04, 2005

Youth Convention

So I am tired this morning. Which is unfortunate. I have been dealing with a fiery sore throat for a couple days and it prevented restful sleep last night. Plus our poor baby Seth has a cough and runny nose. Today we are taking kids to Springfield for IYCM's Momentum convention. Last year I took four boys by myself. This year thankfully I have a sponsor going with me. It was challenging last year by myself. But you do what you have to do.

I am not much good with teens I think. But we have four boys who come every week. Three of them are unchurched and have no dad at home. All three have been saved since I have started working with them. This work has required a lot of sweat and tears. Like I said I am not very good as a youth pastor. But I keep plowing away and wearing this hat because I know God is watching whether I am faithful in the small things. And to these boys I don't think this is really a small thing. I do not know how much time I will have with them. One is sixteen and planning on dropping out as soon as he is seventeen. My hope is to disciple them so that they still serve the Lord when I no longer have contact with them. It's hard work and so far our Tuesday night studies haven't grown much.

Todd Agnew is leading worship this weekend so I am looking forward to it even though I don't feel well and I am tired (listen to me whine). Jonah 33 who I have never heard of is in concert tonight and tomorrow Sanctus Real who I have heard of but don't own any of their stuff will be playing. Should be good. If anyone reads this maybe you could pray for us.

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