Sunday, February 17, 2008

Business Meeting

We conducted our annual church business meeting tonight. It lasted about forty minutes. After my friend Wayne had an over three hour meeting last month, I am so thankful that we do things differently. We will have two new members on the church council starting next month. One has never served before so I am looking forward to a new prospective.

Maybe it wasn't a super exciting meeting but after our church has struggled through conflict and some subversive nonsense the last few years it is good to have a tension free meeting. We didn't set any huge goals for the year. We are in a stage where the focus is just taking the next step. We have the next few steps mapped out and will take each in turn. After years of talking about serving our community some concrete minstry ideas are becoming reality. I talked about taking a step of faith (1 Samuel 14) like Jonathan did with the attitude that "perhaps the Lord" will step in and do something amazing. I challenged each person to be either a Jonathan or an armor bearer this year. I think our church is now maturing to a place of increasing fruifulness. It will be interesting to see what God does through His people here in Bethany this year.

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travis spencer said...

Keep us posted. Glad to hear you didn't have one of those wrenching 3 hour biz meetings where tensions are high.