Monday, January 21, 2008

How about some Leadership?

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. What I find interesting and quite frankly sad is that while much progress has been made the current dialogue isn't moving anything forward. Most of the voices that I hear are busy arguing over what Dr. King's dream means today and whether or not they are authentically down for the struggle. The two voices that the media seem to trumpet the loudest (I know this may offend some people but Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson you know who you are) are basically hucksters who have enriched themselves by cashing in on the struggle for equality. Many things strike me when I think of Dr. King. I think of his great eloquence and his courage. But what seems to tower above those right now is his leadership. He was able to build momentum in a fractured movement. Where are the leaders today? Our country doesn't need someone trying to fulfill Dr. King's dream. What we need is someone who can survey the landscape of the black community and dream of what the future could look like. We need leaders who will step up and declare boldly the dream that God has given them.

I feel the same about the Republican presidential primaries. (Yes I am a Republican. I have no trouble saying this even though it may offend some that I am a pastor who states his political opinions.) Everyone is arguing about what Ronald Reagan would do or say. The great argument is whether it is time to redefine conservatism. What we need is someone who will survey the landscape of America and see their own shining city on a hill and then lead us there.

Dr. King and Mr. Reagan are now dead. Where are the next generation of leaders who have a compelling vision and the courage to lead us there?

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