Saturday, August 11, 2007

General Council reflections part 1

One thing that you will notice is that from a distance it is hard to tell a lot of AG pastors apart. Between the hair cuts and the style of dress from 50 feet away in a crowd it is easy to mis identify someone. There a lot of bald pastors who have shaved their heads. There are a lot of balding pastors with gery or silver hair. There are a few other hair styles as well so that I though I saw several people who upon closer inspectoin were not who I thought they were.

The most moving moment I think came late on Friday toward the end of the business sessions. Zollie Smith was elected as director of US Missions. When the results were announced there was the first of many sustained standing ovations. This is an important moment for a fellowship that refused to follow black leadership at its inception. I pray that it will pave the way for even more diversity in the Assemblies of God. We desperately need this if we are to reach our cities!

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