Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Justifying my own existence

A church has been targeted by PETA for having a living nativity even though there aren't any live animals in their presentation. I guess groups like PETA have to justify their own existence. I'm not against groups like the humane society or the like but PETA allows seemed like wing nuts to me. Here's the most bizarre quote from the article: “Animals have been stolen and slaughtered, they’ve been raped, they’ve escaped from the nativity scenes and have been struck by cars and killed. Just really unfathomable things have happened to them."

Seriously? Animals at a church's live nativity have been what? Now not a lot surprises me but I am incredulous that animals have ever been raped during the church nativity scene. Anyway Merry Christmas and if your church has animals in its nativity scene if if they aren't alive expect a letter from the friendly rational people at PETA.

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Bek said...

Be sure to read through the comments of that blog entry as well. Some are quite comical - if a bit disturbing.