Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Monday

The current media fascination is searching for lost people. I watched Fox News for 5 minutes this morning. There was a story about a kidnapped baby who police are searching for even though it appears that the parents are illegals and it may have been related to human smuggling. There was a story about two grandparents who have disappeared on the way to NY City from South Carolina. There is no trace of them. And then there are three hikers missing on Mt. Hood in Oregon. There are supposed to be experienced but they went out when bad weather was threatening. They have been gone two days.

I don't know how long the obsession with the lost will last. Maybe Greta what's-her-name will go to Mt. Hood and stay until they find the lost hikers? Probably we will see a rash of kidnapping stories and lost hikers and people caught in avalanches and then a celebrity will die. The focus will be on dead famous people. But for a while it will seem like there are more people wandering off or being kidnapped than usual.

Sometimes churches and christians get caught up with obsessions with the lost. For a time we are all about finding the lost and bringing them to Christ. But then something happens like our car won't start or someone sits in our pew or we didn't sing a hymn on Sunday and we forget about the lost and become obsessed with something else. Like the second coming or some other doctrine. But Jesus never got over His obsession with the lost. That's why He came, to seek and to save that which was lost. So I hope that I can stay focused on the lost.

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