Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Purple Time

I watched the first pre season game for the Vikings on Monday night. Tony Kornheiser is new to MNF. He was okay but seemed uncomfortable. Joe Theisman was very annoying. I think he may become the new Dan Deirdorf. (I dislike Deirdorf as a color man.) Anyway the Vkes looked okay. The first team defense played decently although it may have simply been that Aaron Brooks was that bad. The were able to pressure the QB but again this is the Raiders so take it with a grain of salt. Tavarious Jackson looked very good. He was fun to watch. He'll remind you of a young Steve McNair or a less flashy Vick.

Bad news Tank Williams was already out for the season, now Chad Greenway the first round pick is out for the year after tearing something in his knee. Oh well! I'm hoping for 9-10 wins. We'll see. I'm not sold on the west coast offense. I really didn't see anything to change that.

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