Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year, Fresh Purpose

In the upcoming year we are going to try to implement a new emphasis for our church. We will continue to emphasis sharing your faith with those around you but I also feel like we should be doing more outreach in our community. As I have prayed and sought the Lord for His vision for our church, I have felt impressed that we are supposed to be an asset to our community. Our church should make our county a better place to live. We should be meeting needs and helping those in distress. We need to put our religion into practice.

I am not quite sure what form this will take but I am sure that it will mean changes in the way we do things. We will need to shift our focus somewhat. And we will need to maintain our focus which is not something I have been good at as a leader. It is easy to get distracted. Andy Stanley has said, "Vision bleeds." What he means is that unless you continue to repeat vision in fresh ways people lose focus.

So if anyone has ideas about how your church is reaching out to your community speak up. This is different than crusades or door to door evangelism. What we are attempting to do is to become relevant, which is a loaded word, to our community.

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