Monday, August 15, 2011


I noticed today that I am in a season of life where finding a rhythm to living has been illusive. A new baby came along in January. Our youngest was five, almost six at the time so adjustments had to be made. In May Rebekah had gall bladdar problems which led to the discovery that she had renal cell carcinoma. At the same time my parents moved from living 10 miles away to living four hours away. June and July brought a change in my work. I'm basically doing the same job but I went from being a solo pastor to being a campus pastor. We went from being a part of a church of 40 people to being on staff at a church of over 800 people. Rebekah had two surgeries in a months time and is recovery well but I've been busy helping her.

So we are the process of making adjustments. It has affected our rhythm as a family, our married life and ultimately spiritually. I find that I need to get into a rhythm in prayer and Bible reading and other spiritual disciplines. So I am adjusting to life's changes and seeking to keep in step with the Spirit. School will be starting soon and the transition at church will be smoothing out in the next several weeks. I know we will find a new rhythm as a family and I will find a new rhythm in other areas. In the mean time I am listening intently because I find that in times of disruption and hiccups and storms in life God often speaks new things into my spirit and into my life.

How do you keep rhythm in your life and family?

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Rebekah said...

Right now it's all about trying to control the chaos, baby! Just glad we get to try and tame it together!