Friday, April 18, 2008

Weird Stuff

I felt an earthquake for the first time that I can remember. I was awake because Noah had a nosebleed. All the sudden the bed started shaking and the windows and the doors. We had an earthquake that was 5.2 on the scale. There was an aftershock around 10:15. I would have felt it but there was a train going past across the street, which rattles the house anyway.

When we returned home from running an errand, the dog was on the roof. I had opened the window in Kaitlyn's room. It currently doesn't have a screen. Since the bugs aren't bad yet I left it open to air things out. Bailey got upstairs because someone left the gate down. When we pulled into the parking lot there she was on the roof. I am surprised she didn't jump off and kill herself.

Weird day.


Bek said...

*raises hand* someone was me! *I* left the gate down. Must admit it made the day more interesting to find the dog on the roof!

Bek said...

Know what else is wEird? The fact that you misspelled it in your post title!

travis spencer said...

i missed all the excitement. I'm in south florida for some Book of Hope meetings. I got text messages from three different people early this morning telling me all about it.

BTW: You dog story is wierd..i mean weird.

Pastor Chip said...

hee hee