Thursday, February 28, 2008


Personally I find it important to get into a rhythm as far as my schedule and my work, as well as spiritually. There are have been several challenges to that lately. Since the end of October I have struggled to find consistency and rhythm in any sense. Chronic pain is one of the problems, combined with trips to the doctor, MRI's, two sinus infections, an ear infection, buying a replacement vehicle, the holidays, family emergencies and other things. I'm not writing this in the sense of poor me but in a sense just thinking out loud. It is hard to find a good rhythm. It is harder to stay in the groove so to speak. It has affected my prayer life, devotional life and my preaching/teaching. I feel like it is a spiritual struggle akin to warfare. I press on with the anticipation that I'm close to a break through much like a light bulb going on, or a eureka moment that will make it all worth while.

So do need to live rhythmically or do you thrive in spontaneity?

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