Thursday, November 30, 2006


You would think that Rebekah had grown up in the tropics and was allergic to snow the way she has been carrying on lately. But she grew up in Kenosha on Lake Michigan. She should certainly be used to snow. It is predicted that it will snow today and through the night. All I have heard the last day or so is that snow is a four letter word. You might get the impression if you read her blog that she was the one who shovels the snow. Those of you who know her know that isn't true. She doesn't even have to drive in the stuff. ;-)

Seth has been messing with me. The little guy keeps fiddling with my alarm clock radio. If I don't see him do it than I am very surprised when I wake up at 8:00 because my alarm didn't sound. I thought I checked last night after he went to bed.


Rebekah said...

It's all that good old fashioned Mississippi blood running through my veins from my Gram and my dad that makes me hate snow I think.

Beloved said...

Hi Chip! I'm a friend of Rebekah's! I've lived in Canada, nearly my whole life, and I have an allergy to cold winters! The snow I can handle for a couple months, but I get a snow allergy in February too!!

Zelda1996 said...

Yes, and allergy to snow would be what I would call Bekah's affliction. She amuses me with her (I'm hoping the weather men is wrong again this time as they are about 75% of the time anyway). I loved reading your blogs. Keep it up.