Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moving up

I finally got an ipod! I am still learning how to use it but now I can listen to all those Mark Driscoll sermons I've been meaning to. So first high speed internet now an ipod. I feel like I might be catching up to my man Scotthttp://scotthodge.typepad.com! But really as evidenced by that attempt to link I am not.

I had an interesting conversation with the former mayor of our little village last night. He was relating to me and my friend Kevin who pastors the Cumberland Presbytes here in Bethany, some of his attempts to change zoning on some property that he owns on the highway that runs through town. He was told by the former president of the bank who lives across the street from this property that if he went forward his political career in Bethany would be finished. He went ahead and the next election during the caucus he was maneuvered out of being on the ballot. They tried to destroy him. Ouch!

I looked at him and said, wow I don't have any idea what that's like being the pastor of a small church ;-) As we shared stories it became clear to me that small towns are a lot like churches. Everyone wants them to go forward as long as they never change.

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